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Measure SP, on the November 8, 2022 ballot, will address homelessness in our neighborhood parks, keep kids on the right track and out of trouble and repair aging and unsafe infrastructure in our parks and protect local water quality.

  • More than 100,000 LA kids participate in organized afterschool and summer programs at public parks; Measure SP supports these programs and helps reduce gang activity

  • Remove asbestos, mold and lead paint from aging recreation centers

  • Address unsafe conditions at neighborhood parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, senior centers and other facilities to keep us safe

  • Humanely address homelessness in our parks by connecting those in need with support services

  • Help fight ongoing drought and protect water quality and maintain safe drinking water at parks and recreation centers

  • Clean up our parks, beaches and natural areas, keeping trash and pollutants out of local creeks, rivers, lakes, coastal waters and beaches and preventing contamination of our critical local groundwater

  • Save money and help protect our scarce local drinking water supplies, through water conservation, including drought-tolerant plants and increased use of recycled water for playfields, landscaping, grass and natural areas

  • Include strict accountability and public disclosure of all spending

Bellaire Park (2010)_0373.jpg

Measure SP needs a 66.7% YES vote in order to pass – so every vote will make a difference! 

Join us in passing Measure SP for Safe Parks in Los Angeles!

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